Reveling in the Summer Concert Scene

Whether you’ve packed a picnic and set up your lawn chair at one of the free outdoor music events hosted in communities around the country (around the world in fact) or scored some pricey tickets to see a rockstar at a renowned outdoor music venue such as Red Rocks (in Colorado), Saratoga Performing Arts Center, or SPAC (in New York), Tanglewood (in Massachusetts) or the Hollywood Bowl (in California). Music and summer go together like pretzels and beer. It seems as though this summer especially, it’s all about freedom.

With the worst of Covid behind us and soaring temperatures that command us to spend many a summer night outside, the theme “let freedom ring” seems to be more widespread than ever at the outdoor concert scene. This means more of letting it all hang out in every sense of the word. There’s a lot more skin being bared, much of which is tattooed. There’s no better place to show off your ink than at a summer concert. From skimpy halter tops, to super-short shorts, to teeny-tiny sundresses and long flowing skirts, there’s plenty of eye candy to behold at these venues and that’s not even counting all of the bare-chested brawn.

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Our New Website is Here!

The day is finally here for us to reveal our new website design! Besides a more modern and simplified design, major differences include:

-Improved and more user-friendly layout
-New eye-catching destination header images
-Modernized fonts and colors that are closer to the map aesthetic
-State and country landing page

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Get to know the Discovery Map team: Susan Klein

Susan is the head of Finance and Administration.

She's a life long Vermonter!

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Get to know the Discovery Map team: Peter Hans

Next up is Peter Hans, our CEO!

Peter grew up in Albany, NY.

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Get to know the Discovery Map team: Rob Amon

Rob is the head of Franchise Development.

"I grew up outside of Baltimore, MD where I had a background in horticulture and stone masonry. I started my own landscaping business which I operated until 1997 before making a career change, moving to Small Dog Electronics, a local Apple computer reseller, where I worked for twenty years before coming to Discovery Map in 2017.

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8 Old School Ski Areas: Vermont Edition

With the spotlight on Ryan Cochran Siegle at the Winter Olympics in Beijing, people from America to Asia are talking about how this World Cup–and now Olympic–champion hails from a tiny little ski area in Vermont. Ryan Cochran Siegle couldn’t be prouder to identify as a Vermonter, one that grew up at Cochran’s Ski Area, his family-owned ski hill that boasts two lifts and less than a mile of trails.

Many of you know that the folks at Discovery Map, whose headquarters are tucked into the charming town of Waitsfield, Vermont, also love our Green Mountain state and the many authentic experiences one can have here.

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In Praise of Small Airports

Map Geek is back! It has been a while since Map Geek posted a blog. Let’s just say that the pandemic put parts of this map aficionado’s life on hold but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any traveling or travel planning going on with this map-centric whizz. Perhaps this has been the case for you as well.

At first, most of the traveling since March 2020 involved road tripping; but it didn’t take long for this passionate traveler to wander farther, which meant taking to the skies. Of course flying since spring of 2020 has become even more stressful–between all of the mask wearing, social distancing, excessive hand washing, airline seat wiping and such–but it’s hard to keep a die-hard traveler away and many of us have just sallied forth braving each inconvenience as we went. Long lines at the TSA, airport restaurants, and restrooms have become as commonplace as flight delays and cancellations. Still, we keep on traveling.

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Get to know the Discovery Map team: Laura Potter

Laura is the Map Production Manager, but has many talents.

"I grew up in a small town outside Grand Rapids, MI and attended Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, where I studied Child Development and Psychology. A self-proclaimed “jack of all trades,” I have acquired experience in a variety of fields including childcare, education, social work, outdoor recreation, summer camps, lifeguarding, and several years as a state park ranger (which is what brought me to Vermont).

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Old School Cool: Ski Maps

With Jack Frost peeping around the corner, I have one thing on the brain; mountains. Though I don’t consider myself an athlete, I do have an affinity for, you guessed it, ski maps. And, oh, how far they’ve mountains have grown over time, so have the maps.

Ski maps today have come a long way from their original form, with apps to measure your speed, distance, and track your location. But, there is something to be said for the nostalgic blast from the past holding a paper map (ahem) gives you. Discovery Map knows a thing or two about paper maps, and certainly about ski destinations, considering some of our locations are in prime ski-territory. Below you’ll travel back in time to view the evolution of ski maps, and don’t worry; it’s all downhill from here:

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Traveling with Pets: The Lodging experience

Before lining up lodging for you and your pet, the Map Geek suggests you read Traveling with Pets Part One: Hitting the Road. There’s no point in booking a stay somewhere if traveling there is going to be a bust. Sometimes, however, you must travel. What if you have to relocate halfway across the country? So if you have a pet, read on because you never know when you might have to pull up roots and find a cozy place to sleep along the way.

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