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Lake Placid Adventures

There’s so much to do within the village of Lake Placid that you’ll want to spend a good chunk of time here before or after you set out exploring the rest of the Adirondacks. Or, you could make Lake Placid your base and take excursions from there. Either way, know that it’s best to plan more than just a couple of days in this unofficial capital of the Adirondack Park. (Heck, it will likely take you a while to travel here, so go ahead and plan a good week.)

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More Lake Placid Adventures

The Olympics left their mark at many locales in and around Lake Placid. Just south of the village, the Olympic Ski Jump & Kodak Sports Park stands out as one of the most awe inspiring. During the summer, ride a chairlift and elevator to see ski jumpers launch themselves off the ramp into a huge splash pool below. Nearby, other athletes twist and turn in a flurry to practice their aerial moves. You can join in on your own version of fun tubing on some of the jumps or by racing down the luge track with one huge swoosh.

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