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​Food and Drink Highlights of Vieques

Since Vieques is a larger island than Culebra, there’s more to do there. That means more opportunities for building up your appetite and thirst. Whether you’ve spent the day fishing, snorkeling or tucked away in a bungalow, you’ll enjoy delighting in the many Puerto Rican specialities offered on the island.

Puerto Ricans love plantains, so it comes as no surprise that this banana-like fruit is found in some of the island’s most popular comfort foods. This larger and tougher cousin to the banana cannot be eaten raw but when cooked it turns into a delectable ingredient that tastes of the isles. Favorite dishes are created from both green and ripe plantains. Mofongo, a sort of national dish, is made from mashed green plantains, butter, olive oil, garlic and other seasonings. It can be served as a side dish or as an entrée when stuffed with fillings such as vegetables, meat or seafood. For a real mouthwatering mofongo, go to Biekes Bistro. At Rincón del Sabor, a food truck that also makes deliveries, you can savor all kinds of authentic Caribbean food, including mofongo and tostones, a quintessential side dish of Puerto Rico made from mashed green plantains that have been fried. Puerto Ricans are big on fried food in general, likely an influence from the African roots of many of its people. You’ll find that these foods help to replenish the salt in your body after a day in the heat. You’ll discover other forms of fried plantains both savory and sweet throughout and would you believe they even make a plantain lasagna?

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