Wecome to downtown Rehoboth Beach, featuring a great collection of shops, restaurants and nightlife - all within walking distance of the beautiful beaches of Rehoboth. In the center of this quaint district is Kilwin's Chocolates, Fudge and Ice Cream, which has earned a reputation for outstanding products and excellent customer service. No visit to Rehoboth Beach is complete without a visit to Kilwin's Rehoboth Avenue.

Our Freshly Made, In-Store Products

Indulge your senses as we hand craft an impressive selection of confections made in our sweets kitchen while you watch. Enjoy our award-winning, hand-paddled fudge, cashew and peanut brittles and various caramel corns. Watch as we hand dip fresh apples in our orginal caramel recipe, resulting in the best-tasting caramel apple. We also hand dip an array of treats in our decadently-smooth chocolate and rich caramel. Try a dipped pretzel, oreo, marshmallow puff or krispie treat.

Also, while visiting our store, please sample Kilwin's orginal recipe ice cream availableĀ in 27 flavors and served in a fresh homemade waffle cone.

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