White Mountain Winery

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About White Mountain Winery

We are a winery that all can enjoy.  We have wines for the beginner palate and wines for the experienced palate as well. There are wines that are great for a summer day and wines that are superb by the fire.

We began our journey as customers, coming into the winery for our weekly fix of amazing wine.  After a few months of coming in and our pallets growing, we became friends with the previous owner.  She explained to us that she was at the point of getting out of the business and wondered if we would be interested in learning how to make wine.  We worked with her and her partner for several months and learned how to create a fantastic product.  She offered us the chance to purchase her equipment and we could not resist.  The only thing that we did differently was change the name and continue to improve how we made the wine.  We now make a superior product of which we are very proud.