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About Charlies Bar & Kitchen

Charlie’s is proud to partner with world-famous Iowa Premium to bring you family farm-raised Certified Angus Beef®, with a signature tenderness and rich, corn-fed flavor that will set the standard for any steak to come. We are the exclusive provider of these products in the Lake George Region.

Iowa Premium hand-selects only Angus beef cattle with superior quality characteristics. Angus cattle are chosen for their higher quality marbling, which is the leading indicator of beef’s flavor, tenderness and juiciness. All of Iowa Pacific’s products are processed in a newly renovated facility that incorporates the latest innovations in food safety, quality assurance and environmental excellence. Their highly skilled butchers hand-trim their products the same way every day, ensuring they meet 10 stringent quality standards. Product integrity, freshness and shelf-life are enhanced by a state-of-the-art cold-chain management system.

Like Charlie’s, Iowa Premium is all about family. Their commitment to quality begins on carefully selected family farms with a deep tradition of sustainability and responsible animal care. Iowa Premium cattle are raised on rolling, green pastures and a nutritionally balanced, corn-based diet, derived from corn grown on those very same farms. The corn imparts a distinctive flavor unmatched by any other grain or feed source. We’re confident you’ll taste the difference.