Congdon's After Dark

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About Congdon's After Dark

Congdon's After Dark is the only food truck park in New England operating on a daily basis during the summer. We offer a convenient dinner option, along with a Maine-centric beer garden, with up to 10 food trucks serving at 4pm (late-May to early-Oct)

The summer of 2017 was the inaugural season of “Congdon’s After Dark.” It included a group of three food trucks located in the parking lot of Congdon’s Doughnuts Family Restaurant, operating after the normal breakfast/lunch service.

The season was such a success that we decided to expand the footprint and scope. In 2018, we will host as many as 10 food trucks on a nightly basis during the summer. We also added a new covered patio, which will provide alcohol and beverage service in the evenings (our “beer garden”), as well as additional seating.

In a bustling town where the dinner options are somewhat limited, Congdon’s After Dark not only provides a unique dining experience, it will be the only regular assembly of food trucks in New England!