Franconia Notch, NH, Guide and Information

Franconia NH, Guide and Information.

Lovely Littleton

It’s always delightful to see a town well preserved, one that has resisted the temptation of allowing the development of a formula store or restaurant, one that’s devoted to maintaining its character and authenticity without giving in to big-city or unsightly suburban ways. That’s Littleton, New Hampshire and it’s no wonder that this charming little town (named after Colonel Moses Little in 1770) is consistently listed as one of the best small towns in America by all kinds of publications. It has everything a small town needs to be alluring: a sweet setting alongside a river, an old mill, a covered bridge, an excess of historic buildings, white clapboard houses, traditional as well as hip and happening shops and restaurants, a vibrant arts scene and views of the White Mountains that you can hike into from town. Plus, the New Hampshirites here are super friendly.

Originally called Chiswick, which is Saxon for cheese farm, Littleton and the surrounding area are further enhanced by many lovely working farms. You can shop for their wonderful products such as produce, meats, prepared foods and yes, cheese at the Littleton Farmers Market from June through October. Purveyors of local crafts sell there as well. The Littleton Food Coop is also a great address for good foodstuffs. (Although member-owned, you don’t have to be a member to shop there.) Pick up fresh farm products year round outside of Littleton at Meadowstone Farm. They’re keeping with the Chiswick/Littleton tradition by making a superb goat cheese that would make the original cheesemakers of the area proud.

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