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Eat Your Way Through Maryland's Eastern Shore

First, you need to become clear on what encompasses Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Pull it up on Google to see that it includes a very large area in Maryland, comprised of nine counties situated to the east of Chesapeake Bay. Now pull up or out–depending on whether you’re online or looking at a hard copy–Discovery Map Eastern Shore and you’ll see a select portion of this region featured, the area where you’ll find a lot to do. It also happens to be where you’ll find an outstanding selection of restaurants and bars. And boy, does Discovery Map do a superlative job in showcasing the best of them. Sorry for the bragging, but it’s true!

Next you need to know that crabs are king in this part of Maryland, blue crab to be precise, also known as Atlantic blue crab or Chesapeake blue crab. As far back as the 1600s, people have feasted on blue crab in this part of the world. First known to Native Americans, their popularity grew over the centuries and today they are a big reason why people visit Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Best boiled or steamed with a sprinkling of Old Bay seasoning and lots of drawn butter; or you can delight in a crab cake, particularly if it’s one that’s all about this succulent salty-sweet meat. Many visitors relish soft-shell crabs, an often battered delicacy eaten whole. It’s an acquired taste (mostly for its texture) but for those so inclined, they’re usually big aficionados and delight when these young crabs are in season from April through mid–September.

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