Neighbors General Store Ice Cream Parlor

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About Neighbors General Store Ice Cream Parlor

Neighbors General Store and Ice Cream Parlor is family owned and operated. Visit our retail store in Port Orange, Florida where we feature 28 flavors of authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice and over 30 flavors of Homemade Ice Cream, Sherbets, Sorbets, and Yogurts.  All Ice Cream flavors are made from family recipes with the only the freshest ingredients right here at our store.  Our authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice is made just like they serve on the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii.🌅       Enjoy your homemade treats on our dog friendly🐕 patio and remember dogs drink free 7 days a week. See you in the neighborhood!   WHAT MAKES OUR ICE CREAM STAND OUT?   We build flavor, texture and body starting with fresh Florida dairy sweetened with pure cane sugar (No HFC's) then layer in ingredients that we chop, squeeze, tear, boil, peel, dollop, blowtorch, blend, bake, brew, and pulverize in our kitchen. Our ice creams are made in small batches and are created to melt perfectly on your tongue with unique flavors that excite your taste buds.🍦   WHAT MAKES ARE TOPPINGS AND WAFFLE CONES BETTER?   Starting with simple ingredients eliminating colors, fillers, and artificial flavors when possible. From scratch we make our very own hand made waffle cones, hard dip chocolate topping, hot fudge topping, strawberry🍓 and pineapple🍍 sauce. (Our sauces and toppings are ALWAYS made with real chocolate and fresh fruit NEVER poured from a can)