Camden & Rockland, ME, Guide and Information


Outdoor Activities in Camden, Rockland and Rockport

The unpredictability of the coast of Maine resulted in the construction of a flotilla of lighthouses, some of which are considered among the most historically significant in America. Consult both sides of the Camden-Rockland Discovery Map and start charting your tour. Wear good walking shoes to maximize your visiting. From the water, you can take a lighthouse tour with Monhegan Boat Line and Camden Harbor Cruises.


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Art, History and Culture in Camden, Rockland and Rockport

Beauty has long been intrinsic to this part of Mid-Coast Maine. The craggy, cliff-walled coastline of Camden and Rockland skirts a pastoral interior that beckons to be appreciated from countless perspectives.

The well-to-do from big cities such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and Chicago discovered the allure of nature here during the nineteenth century and by the 1880s were erecting their summer cottages, mostly in Camden. These expansive Shingle Style homes, along with fine houses that had been built for sea captains, ship builders and merchants decades prior, established this lovely Maine destination as a town of architectural significance. Take a stroll down Bay View Street, High Street and Beauchamp Point to see how and where many wealthy people live. Some of these grand residences have been converted into inns, providing you with the opportunity to stay in an historic dwelling as well.

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