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Mark Fullem has been married 26 years, has one daughter, and resides in Annapolis, MD. He enjoys boating, cooking on the grill, dining at local establishments, and meeting new friends on the water.

For approximately 20 years, he worked for United Health Group/Optum 360 managing a marketing department out of Virginia. Prior to that, he worked for various publishing companies in a marketing capacity.

Over the summer of 2020 he was introduced to Discovery Maps in the Maryland region by friends that were visiting from Florida. After reviewing the maps, he said to himself, “What a great opportunity to work with local businesses, as well as getting the word out to visitors of Annapolis on the wonderful activities, dining and shopping experiences awaiting them on their trip.”

So, with excitement and enthusiasm, in November 2020 he entered the world of entrepreneurship by purchasing the Discovery Map of Annapolis. Mark has been frequenting Annapolis since he was 18 years old, and now feels he has the opportunity to pass on his vast knowledge to visitors so they can experience the fun, food, sightseeing, charter fishing, boating; and, of course, the wonderful, and friendly people of Annapolis.

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