The Art Mecca of Charleston

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About The Art Mecca of Charleston

In 2013, artists Mackenzie King and Kelly Wenner Grossman were sharing a small studio space on the old naval base, when they discovered their shared passion for innovative local art.  While Charleston has plenty of art galleries, Mackenzie and Kelly believed there was a place for something different. The Art Mecca of Charleston was born. 


They set out to create a gallery where established and emerging Southern artists could explore the boundaries of their mediums, as well as a space for their studios. Furthermore, they sought a location where the community could interact more intimately with art and artists through live demonstrations, classes, and special exhibits - all in a down-to-earth, welcoming atmosphere.


Today the Art Mecca of Charleston is where some of Charleston's most innovative rising artists congregate and where locals and travelers alike find that special artwork to give their homes a real sense of place.