Charleston Carriage Works

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About Charleston Carriage Works

The Charleston Carriage Works team has been showing Charleston’s guests this beloved city for decades, and is proud to be the exclusive booking site for classic Charleston carriage tours provided by Charleston Carriage Works.  You are guaranteed the best Charleston carriage tour experience in town as your City-licensed Charleston Carriage Works tour guide shares the secrets and stories of beautiful Charleston with wit and charm.

Boarding adjacent to Market Street, you will ride along on one of our modern custom carriages and see the sights of Charleston in style. Designed to be lighter and more comfortable than others in town, our garnet and black 16-passenger carriages enable our stunning draft horses to enjoy the tour as much as you will!

Packed full of history and charm, your one-hour tour* will expose fascinating stories of Charleston’s pivotal moments and unique culture. The experience will leave you falling in love with this breathtaking city just as so many have before you.