Buffalo Wild Wings

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About Buffalo Wild Wings

Our concept is to serve Buffalo- style wings in one of our 14 signature sauces. We are a sports bar with a full menu served in a relaxed atmosphere. Here EVERY seat is the best seat for the big game. Catch all of the games on one of our 48 big screen TVs and projection screens. Come in, relax, and stay as long as you like.

Our 14 signature sauces range from our satisflingly sweet Sweet BBQ, to our Blazin'-Keep Away From Eyes, Pets, Children: The Hottest Sauce We Got. You'd Better- Be- Ready - Blazin' Sauce. It is 70 times hotter than an Jalapeño pepper. Think you can handle the pure intensity of the Blazin' Sauce? Try the Blazin Challenge. Simply eat a mere 12 wings prepared in our Blazin Sauce in 6 minutes and you win a t-shirt and your picture goes on the wall. Want to take the challenge? Just come in and ask your server.